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Admin Panel Setup


  • Since Admin Panel built with PHP & MySQL, we need web server, you can use any
    • Local Webserver (like Xampp, Mamp..etc)
    • Or Web Hosting (PHP & MySQL Hosting)


How to run admin panel?

Step 1:

Extract the purchased folder, inside that you can see folder name called “quizadmin”, you need to copy that folder into your htdocs or related path

Step 2:

Open PHPMyAdmin & create new database called quizapp

Step 3:

Import db.sql into database

Step 4:

Now, you need to edit your database credentials into quizadmin/.env file (It’s a hidden file) & update your database credentials.


Step 5: Now you can run the app by visiting your url such as

  • localhost/quizadmin/public/ (or) abc.com/quizadmin/public

Step 6:

  • Login to your admin panel
    • email: sundaravelit@gmail.com
    • password: 12345678