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FCF Setup

Before doing firebase setup, we need to install firebase tools on your machine. To do that, please execute

npm install -g firebase-tools

After installing the firebase tools, now you need to login with your firebase

firebase login

Step 1: Create new project & login to firebase

You need to create new folder anywhere on your machine.

mkdir fcf
cd fcf
firebase init functions

It might asks your few questions, please answer as followed

  • Choose your firebase project
  • Language: JavaScript
  • EsLint: No
  • Npm install: Yes

Step 2: Installing Required dependencies
Then, we need to follow these steps,

cd functions
npm install --save firebase-admin
npm install --save firebase-functions

Step 3:

  • Once you init the functions, by default it’ll create functions/index.js file
  • Replace fcf/functions/index.js with fcf1/index.js (purchsed folder)

Step 4: Updating Files

  • updating service account

  • Rename downloaded files to service-account-key.json
  • Copy your service-account-key.json to fcf/functions/
  • Open fcf/functions/index.js with any text editor & Update your databaseURL

Step 5: Deploying FCF

cd ..
firebase deploy --only functions

Note: You must be inside fcf/ (not inside fcf/functions) folder for deploying.