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Before doing firebase setup, we need to install firebase tools on your machine. To do that, please execute

npm install -g firebase-tools

Step 1: Create new folder & login to firebase

mkdir fcf
cd fcf
firebase login
firebase init functions

It might ask your few questions, please answer as followed

– Choose your firebase project
– Language: JavaScript
– EsLint: No
– Npm install: Yes

Step 2:

Once it’s project is created, please follow this

cd functions

Step 3: Update files

  • Download and copy file into fcf/functions/
  • Update your credentials inside cloud-function/index.js and copy to fcf/functions/index.js

Step 5:

cd ..
firebase deploy --only functions

Note: You must be inside fcf/ (not inside fcf/functions) folder for deploying.

Push setup

To set up firebase push notification, you can follow the below steps.



  1. Navigate to firebase console
  2. Click Add App then choose android (steps are same for iOS)
  3. Fill All required details.
    1. App Name => Your App Name
    2. Package Name => com.yourcomanyname.appname => it should be the same inside config.xml
    3. SHA 1 key: https://developers.google.com/android/guides/client-auth
  4. Download google-service.json (for iOS download GoogleService-info.plist)
  5. Then copy your downloaded files & paste inside your project folder (not anywhere else)