Ionic Taxi Booking Starter


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This app allows you to create fully-functional on-demand taxi services like uber, ola, lyft, grub..etc. we have built this app with ionic and firebase backend

What you’ll get?

  • Source code for taxi app
  • Documentation for setup
  • Free support
  • Lifetime free update

Do you want to create a taxi booking app like uber, ola, lyft? you can use our ionic firebase taxi booking starter to save huge development time.


Ionic taxi booking driver app features

  • Login & Registration
  • Go online & offline
  • Google Maps integrated
  • Ride History
  • Ride & Earning Reports
  • Wallet
  • Google map Navigation
  • Accept or Reject requests
  • OTP for accept request
  • Cancel / complete Ride
  • User Profile Management
  • Edit profile, Edit car details, Upload documentation
  • Multi-language support

Ionic taxi booking rider app features

  • login & Registration
  • From & To address pickup
  • Distance and travel time calculation
  • Address suggestion using google maps API
  • Location pick from map
  • Request Taxi to nearby drivers
  • Apply Promo codes
  • Add Notes
  • Cancel Ride / SOS call
  • Dynamically generated OTP to start the trip
  • live location update
  • Estimated fare calculation based on google maps distance API
  • Rate trip
  • User Profile Management
  • Ride History
  • Optional Email & Phone Number Authentication (Facebook AccountKit)
  • Multi-language support

Ionic taxi booking admin panel features

  • Simple login
  • Manage User / Riders
  • Manage Drivers
  • View Trips
  • Settings
  • Manage Cars, and it’s pricing

Authentication methods

  • Email login with verification

Payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit card using stripe API

Ionic Firebase Taxi – User App

we created user app with lot of features like authentication, payments, history page, and user settings page


We have implemented email/password authentication. we have screens for login, signup and forget password

Search Location

User can search location using google auto suggestion api & price/fare will be calculated based on google map distance api. we have also used google map distance matrix to draw lines between from and two location.

Book Taxi

Once trip fare is calculated, we’re locating the nearest driver based on user’s selected car type, once driver is accepted the deal, we generate unique 4 digit OTP for validation. we have also have SOS button in case of emergency. User can also cancel, complete & rate the trip

User Settings

User can manage their profile, manage ride history, card details for making card transactions.

Ionic Firebase Taxi Driver App

Let’s explore the driver app features


Like the user app, driver app also have email/password authentication, we have login, register, forget password features here.

Accepting Deals:

Once, driver is approved from the admin panel, driver can turn on or off their app using toggle button. Once driver is ready to accept the trip requests, he can see the popup with timeout, commission, accept/reject options.

Once trips is accepted, driver can see user’s contact info, navigation button for driver’s from & to location. when driver click navigate button google map navigation will open. Driver can also cancel the trips even after accepting the deal.

To start the trip, driver needs to enter the unique 4 digit OTP from rider.

History & Wallet

Driver can see their commission in history page with date filter option. when user paid via card, the commission directly goes to driver wallet, so that driver can make withdraw request later.

Driver App Settings

In driver settings we have Manage basic profile, car details, upload docs. When user enable background mode option his locate will update even after minimising the app

Tech Stack

Supported Platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

Technologies used

Frequently Asked Questions

What do i get after purchase?

  • Source code for
    • Admin App
    • Driver App
    • Rider App
    • Firebase Cloud Function Source code
  • Documentation
  • Lifetime Free updates

you can check the documentation here:

How many users it can handle?

Unlimited. we build with firebase as backend. it can handle almost any number of requests.

Do I need any server?

No, you don’t need any server to run this app. This app completely built with firebase. so you don’t need any special servers to run.

Can I modify code? Do I need a technical knowledge?

Modifying the source code requires technical knowledge with respective technologies. Please check the documentation before making purchase.

If you don’t have technical knowledge, you can contact us for installation or customisation service (additional charges applied).

How long do your provide support?

Since, we’re responsible for the code we sold to you. so we provide Lifetime free update for source code and free bug fixing if you faced any.

Does this work with my country?

Almost, if your country support driving direction ( this app support

How the payment is processed?

We have built with Stripe. please check stripe supported countries ( If your country is not supported, you still have cash option to pay.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach us for your queries Contact, we love to hear your voice.

What’s New?

V2.2 Jan 24, 2020

  • Minor UI Changes
  • Added Notifications
  • Fixed Minor Bugs
  • Added additional calculation for cars
  • Added Multiple Language Support (i18n)


  • Migrated to Ionic 4